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The purpose of the Keystone Chapter shall be to:

A. Promote and encourage the recognition of healthcare administrative management as an integral part of the financial management within healthcare provider organizations and throughout the healthcare industry.

B. Encourage the implementation of effective and efficient business and receivables management policies and procedures in all types of healthcare provider organizations and throughout the healthcare industry.

C. Stimulate and encourage an exchange of information among the membership.

D. Develop and encourage the implementation of programs for the purpose of furthering the education and increasing the knowledge of the membership in the healthcare industry.

E. Develop and implement such programs as may add to the knowledge and encourage the development of persons new to the healthcare industry.

F. Establish non-discriminatory standards of performance and professional conduct for persons who participate or are involved in healthcare administrative management, including the management of patient accounts of any healthcare provider organization or related field conducting business in the healthcare industry. 

G. Promote the healthcare profession by cooperating with other healthcare organizations, institutions and related agencies, third party payers, and the general public.